NFL Wildcard Weekend Rewind: Jacksonville Jaguars Survive; Falcons Roll Over Rams + More

The playoff picture did its thinning out over the weekend, as the Jacksonville Jaguars–in the playoffs for the first time since 2007–struggled all day but finally squeaked out a 10-3 win over the punchless Buffalo Bills, who themselves hadn’t seen the playoffs for almost 20 years.

The Jaguars move on to play the Pittsburgh Steelers next week in Pittsburgh. Earlier in the season, the Jags trounced the Steelers but the Jags are gonna have to play a lot better than they did yesterday to get past the Steelers, who have slightly improved since then.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Falcons defense is now getting acclaim after once again dominating the game for a critical win. The 26-13 final score doesn’t describe how close the game seemed; but at the same time, the score could have easily been 34-13 or worse.

The Falcons move on to play the Philadelphia Eagles Saturday in Philly.

The New Orleans Saints barely left their own building with a win over the Carolina Panthers, who trailed the entire game but then rallied late and almost pulled off the victory, save for some interesting penalties thrown against them.

The Saints will face the Minnesota Vikings this weekend. Earlier in the season, the Vikings beat the Saints. Both teams have improved since then.

And the Kansas City Chiefs endured yet another early playoff exit after yet another productive season. Rumors are swirling that the Chiefs could turn to a rebuild, especially since the quarterback, Alex Smith, will be leaving in the offseason. The Chiefs watched helplessly as the lowly Tennessee Titans stormed back and beat then 22-21.

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