Top 6 Artists Whose Songs Should NEVER Be Re-Made

Some things are sacred. And some songs ONLY need to be sung by the original artists who did them.

That’s not to say that somebody can’t come along and re-record a song by an artist who did it years before. BUT, some folks songs just need to be left the hell alone because A) the artist who originally did it has so much unique talent that its hard to do any cover of that person’s song any justice; B) the song itself is so iconic that fans can’t imagine anybody else touching it.

Here’s a short list of artists whose music needs to be left sacred.

#6–Barry White

Barry White didn’t have the broadest vocal range, but he had the deepest, most recognizable voice in Soul music’s lengthy history.

His music was revolutionary even in the 1970s, when a number of vocal powerhouses were captivating audiences. But even to this day, Barry White’s music sounds timeless and irreplaceable.

#5–Teddy Pendergrass

Teddy Pendergrass is the reason why some 70s babies are around today.

Teddy was a male sex symbol for throngs of fans in the Disco Era. His music, backed by some of the strongest pipes to ever breathe on a mic, touched hearts and helped countless folks mend their way through heart break as well.

#4–Luther Vandross

The first name says it all: LUTHER. Luther seemed bigger than life to his many fans, who were devastated when he passed away in 2005 after struggling with health problems for many years.

But Luther left an enormous legacy of touching songs that cannot be duplicated by anybody. No one ever sounded like Luther, and nobody ever will.

#3–Whitney Houston

Whitney sang the songs that everybody loved singing–but no one could make it sound like Whitney made it sound.

A true Pop and Soul Diva, Whitney has been gone for 6 years, but take a listen to any of her songs and it sounds as if she recorded it yesterday.


People have tried to cover Prince songs, but they always come up short because Prince was much more than a singer with genre-canvassing hits: he was also a multi-instrument playing genius. Who can touch that?

Prince’s songs are irresistible to hear, but only of Prince is doing the performing.

#1–Michael Jackson

Number 1 is no surprise: Michael Jackson.

Not only extremely talented as a dancer, but Michael Jackson was an extreme vocal talent as well who recorded countless hit songs over a span of 4 decades that are unmistakably Michael Jackson, and impossible to duplicate.

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