Cop Who Beat Man Over “Stolen” Tomato Gets 5 Years In The Feds

A former Atlanta police officer who violently beat an elderly man with his baton, breaking the man’s legs, at an area Wal-Mart over what the cop falsely claimed was a stolen tomato, will serve 5 years in federal prison for the shocking attack.

The horrific footage shows a burly Atlanta cop, Trevor King, beating Tyrone Carnegay with his police baton inside a northside Atlanta Wal-Mart.

King claimed Carnegay had just bagged a tomato and was leaving the store without paying for the item.

But Carnegay had a receipt for the tomato in his pocket, which King found after he had delivered the brutal assault.

So, according to federal prosecutors, King trashed the receipt, and arrested Carnegay on bogus charges anyway.

Before Carnegay was jailed though, he had to undergo emergency surgery to repair his leg, which had to be fitted with a metal pole.

King was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the shocking abuse and attempted cover-up.

Carnegay has hired an attorney who plans to sue Wal-Mart.

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