Juelz Santana Gets Federal INDICTMENT Over Alleged Airport Gun

The shish just hit the fan for New York rapper Juelz Santana: he was indicted on federal charges related to a loaded .38 caliber handgun and a batch of oxydone pills that airport officials found in a bag allegedly belonging to Santana.

Why anybody, in this day and age, is still bringing guns to the airport–let alone Oxy pills (like really?)–makes no sense to me.

But the rapper skedaddled outta the airport before he could be arrested back in March, though he later turned himself in.

He originally faced state charges over the incident but the feds have now taken over the case, meaning Santana’s likelihood of serving some time has just increased exponentially.

Santana, 36, birth name LaRon Louis James, came to prominence as a member of the 2000s Dipset rap collective.

But its been over a decade since Santana released a full album. His mother reportedly had to put up her house for collateral to cover the rapper’s $500,000 bail.

On his Instagram page, Santana posted he would “Trust the process”. He also included a meme with praying hands–something he is sure to be in need of since the feds are on him.


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