Cardi B. Has No Room For ‘The Shade Room’: She Wants Popular Site To Stop Posting About Her Due To “Toxic” Comments Section

Rapper Cardi B. has done quite an effective job of silencing the many haters who criticized her rap skills, intellect, accent, vocabulary, looks and just about everything else by succeeding in a very spectacular way in the Hip Hop game in a relatively short period of time.

She’s also become a pop icon while doing it.

But Cardi is evidently more sensitive to the naysayers than even her sometimes boisterous social media posts suggest: the rap superstar and soon-to-be mommy recently said she doesn’t want the popular The Shade Room web site to feature her or her sister, Hennessy Carolina, because of what she says is a “disgusting” and “toxic” presence of people leaving negative comments on that site.

“People on those comments are disgusting and toxic .We don’t need that energy in our life .The people that like to see us comes to OUR PAGE to see us,” she captioned her message on Instagram. “We don’t need to be posted on blogs with people that just got negative shit to say just so you could hate your life, your looks or your day cause their not happy with them self thank you !”

Meanwhile, fans and some blogs have pointed out that The Shade Room played a role in helping to make Cardi B. a household name.

And some said she should have a much thicker skin after having been a constant media topic for awhile now.

But a number of celebs were quick to co-sign Cardi’s point of view.

Cardi’s move has folks wondering whether other celebs will seek to restrict which blogs and websites report on them–and whether its even possible for them to succeed in doing so if they try?

Some say that’s biting the hand that feeds you, and that celebs need to understand that not everything said about them on social media will be positive.

Others say celebs are human too, and have every right to be appalled when sites do nothing to regulate mountains of negative comments on their sites.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Cardi will be the first of many celebs who will try to pick and choose who covers them, whether successfully or not.


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