Florida Woman Tried To Kidnap Kids From The Beach, Attacked Pregnant Mom, Beat Dad With Stick: Report

Coochie sandwiches await 34 year old Sarah Freeman if she ends up in prison, because cops in Volusia County, Florida say she tried to abduct some kids from the beach all while possibly under the influence of narcotics.

During the bizarre rampage, Freeman is accused of attacking one of the kids’ pregnant mom, and bashing another kids’ dad with a stick.

The drama kicked off when cops say Freeman approached a woman and said, “This isn’t a Florida trip you’re going to want to remember,” then tried to grab the woman’s 7-year-old daughter by the towel she was wearing.

The mom, who is also six months pregnant, reacted quickly and pulled her daughter back, but Freeman hit her during the struggle, deputies say.

Then Freeman allegedly approached another parent who was with his 5-year-old son. She reportedly hit the man in the back with the stick, grabbed his son by the arm and started to walk away, saying, “It will be all right. He’s not your dad.”–ABCActionNews

Freeman then moved on to a man and his kid and in a scene straight out of The Shining, that man and his child fled to their pickup truck to escape the deranged Freeman, who then allegedly tried unsuccessfully to force her way through the man’s window.

That plan thwarted, Freeman switched gears and went after another kid.

“I’ll just take your kid, then”, she told another parent, who fled to their car and locked their doors, waiting for police.

Its unclear if Feeman is mentally unstable or possibly a meth head on a bad trip. Cops said she was mumbling unintelligibly while sitting in a patrol car’s backseat and appeared high.

Nonetheless, Freeman was booked on multiple felony charges including attempted kidnapping and one count each of aggravated battery on a pregnant victim, burglary of a conveyance and misdemeanor battery.

No bail has been set.

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