Man With One Leg Meets Women On Dating App, Then Uses His Disability To Rob Them: Cops

A 34 year old, one-legged man is allegedly meeting women on dating apps with the intention of stealing from them, according to Georgia police.

Cops say Boderick Wright uses his physical impairment to sucker women into trusting him and then he makes off with their IDs and other belongings–and his alleged victims want him caught now.

One woman told Atlanta’s Channel 2 that she talked with Wright for three weeks on the popular dating app “PlentyOfFish” before meeting him. Once she finally did, she said he picked her up, said he had left a bag at his hotel, and drove her there and then asked her to go upstairs to retrieve it.

When she got back downstairs, he was gone–and so was her purse. Inside was her money, ID, and, she said, “everything”.

“He’s scum,” the victim told Channel 2’s Nefertiti Jaquez. “I’m more pissed that I took a chance and I allowed someone to do that to me.”

College Park cops say Wright has done this same thing to nearly a half-dozen other women.

Wright now has active warrants for his arrest related to the allegations.

And his victims may have reason to worry about what he’s doing with their personal data: Cops say Wright has an enormous history of identity theft and forgery charges.

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