NYC Subway Fight Ends With Man’s Lip Bitten Off By Stranger

Fighting dirty is one thing, but this takes that to a whole other level. A fight that allegedly started because one man became insulted over advances another man made toward a woman on a New York City subway train ended with one man suffering a bitten off bottom lip–and cops on the hunt for the man who bit off.

The video footage has unsurprisingly gone viral, and shows two men doing their best to slug it out on a subway platform when the unexpected occurs: the taller of the two combatants goes Mike Tyson circa 1996, and bites a plug from the other man’s lip.

The lip attacker is described as a Black male, age 35 to 45, 5 feet 11 inches, 170 pounds, and bald. He’ll face aggravated assault charges when caught.

The man who is now missing part of his lip was treated at an area hospital and his condition was reported as being stable.

The footage you can view below is an extremely graphic video, so be advised before clicking to view.

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