Tekashi69 Speaks On XXXTentacion’s Murder Making Him Want To Stop Trolling, End Beef: “Tomorrow Is Not Promised”

Yesterday’s murder of 20 year old Florida rapper XXXTentacion outside a Deerfield Beach, Florida, motorcycle dealership has rattled self-admitted troll rapper Tekashi69. In a video uploaded to social media, Tekashi talks about the positivity his slain friend always exhibited–and how X’s death has given him cause to re-think his own patterns.

“Wassup guys, I’m just here sitting, thinking”, Tekashi starts off in the video. “Sometimes I feel like I do too much trolling. Sometimes, I feel like I just do…too much,” he said.

He then says he fears someone might take his trolling too seriously.

“Tomorrow is not promised, you know what I mean? And I feel like sometimes someone might get the wrong image of me…Could be here today, gone tomorrow”.

XXXTentacion was murdered in broad daylight by an unknown assailant(s). Robbery is suspected to be the motive, but police have not confirmed that theory. A $3000 reward that is expected to grow has been offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in his murder.

Tekashi, meanwhile, has made headlines–and beef–for his social media antics.

In fact, some fans more broadly recognize him for trolling than for his music.

Recently, things got real for Tekashi, a 22 year old Brooklyn-bred MC born of a Puerto Rican mother and a Mexican father who was murdered when Tekashi was just 13 years old. Tekashi engaged in social media beef with Chicago rapper Chief Keef, with Tekashi even bothering to take Keef’s baby mama out on a $75,000 shopping spree that he promoted on social media.

Keef seemed unfazed by neither the expenditure, nor the social media attention it brought.

Days later, Keef was shot at outside a New York hotel.

Tekashi was quickly reported to be a target of the subsequent investigation, according to media headlines.

Tekashi has denied any involvement in what may have been an attempted assassination of Keef.

However, Tekashi was also caught up on video in a brawl involving several men at the LAX airport recently.

And now with XXXTentacion’s murder hitting so close to home, Tekashi is thinking hard about his own situation relative to the streets and Hip Hop.

“X spread nothing but positivity…nothing but positivity”, he said, adding that X advised him to drop all the “beef s***”.

Tekashi suggested that since X was positive and ended up killed, he himself could be in even more danger since he believes he hasn’t exactly spread the love in the way he thinks X did.

“Knowing that he was nothing but positive…and knowing there’s probably a hundred million thousand people out there trying to kill me…”, he said, before the video ended.

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