In Majority-Black Georgia County, Officials Try To Shut Down Most Voting Precincts

A southwest Georgia county whose residents are 61% Black is the latest locale where an effort to disenfranchise voters of color is underway.

Officials in Randolph county, a small, rural county located near Georgia’s border with Alabama, have moved to shut down 7 of the county’s 9 voting places–an effort that has been met with accusations of racism and voter suppression.

County officials claim the closures are necessary because the polling locations are not accessible for people with disabilities.

But, the county was unable to provide reporters with any information concerning potential repairs to make the locations handicap-accessible.

To many, this smells like an effort to stifle Black votes ahead of critical voting contests this November: a number of federal, state and local elections will take place in Georgia in the Fall, including the race between Republican Secretary Of State Brian Kemp, who oversees state elections, and former State House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, who is campaigning to become the nation’s first African-American Female Governor.

The closures have made national news. A vote on the closures is scheduled for Friday and is expected to attract a broad number of residents, media reps., speakers and voting rights activists.

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