‘Married With Children’ Coming Back To TV?

The popular 80s-90s FOX show ‘Married With Children’ could be coming back to TV. According to one of the iconic show’s stars, David Faustino, who played Bud Bundy on the long-running sitcom and recently spoke to TMZ about the plans, a revival of the show could be in the works.

‘Married With Children’ was once FOX’s most-watched show, and proved to be popular with a wide swath of Americans, and remains so in reruns.

If the show returns to TV, it’ll join other recently booted shows such as Roseanne which has been retooled as The Conners after Roseanne Barr was dropped from her own show after making a bizarre and racist tweet against a former Obama White House aide.

Back in 2014, it was reported that a spinoff of the show starring Faustino was in the works. That didn’t come to fruition, however.

Married With Children ran for a full decade, from April 5, 1987 until its final airing on June 9, 1997.

According to Faustino, the entire cast is ready for the reboot–all except for Buck Bundy, the “talking” family dog; he died in 1995.

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