Uncle Luke Records Radio Ad For Phillip Levine Gubernatorial Campaign

Uncle Luke is once again stepping into the political realm, this time dropping a radio ad for Democrat Phillip Levine, who is running for Florida governor.

“You want to stop guns and gun violence in our community? It’s Philip Levine. As Mayor, he reformed an entire police department, stopping the unnecessary harassment and targeting of our people. You want better paying jobs? It’s Philip Levine, who passed Florida’s first living wage. You want to stick it to Donald Trump? It’s Philip Levine, who’s been putting it to Donald Trump time and time again,” Campbell asserts. (FL Politics)

Luke goes on to refer to Levine, who recent polls have shown pacing in the top 2 tier of candidates behind former Rep. Gwen Graham, as a “badass dude”.

“Look—the system has never been our friend and those who run it make damn sure of that. Elect Philip Levine as Governor and we run the show. Take it from yours truly, Uncle Luke—Philip Levine is one badass dude and is gonna make one badass Governor,” said Campbell added.

Uncle Luke unsuccessfully ran for Miami mayor in 2011.

Levine is the current mayor of Miami Beach.

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