Controversy Surrounds Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Campaign

Colin Kaepernick just cannot catch a break. Its been almost two years since Kap left the San Francisco 49ers–and the NFL–after bravely taking a knee to protest the systematic mistreatment of Black Americans in the United States.

In doing so, Kaepernick started a league-wide movement–and a nationwide discussion about sports and race.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick has still not been offered a contract with any NFL team. 

But shoemaker Nike decided to form the 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It” campaign around the athlete, bearing the slogan, “Believe In Something. Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything”.

That move has garnered headlines and controversy though.

According to reports, Nike shares fell 2% on the stock exchange in light of the campaign announcement. And some NFL fans took to Twitter, vowing to burn any items featuring the Nike logo in their homes.

But some NFL and Nike fans commended the company for standing up for Kaepernick and what he stands for.

Kaepernick himself shared a photo of the campaign featuring his face on Twitter:

Several financial analysts say Nike may not suffer any serious economic backlash for the move, since not all of its customers are football watchers, and also since not all of its customer are U.S.-based, where the NFL is popular.

Kaepernick has been a featured Nike athlete since 2011.

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