Geoffrey Owens Still Doesn’t Have That $25,000 Nicki Minaj Said She’d Give Him

Actor Geoffrey Owens is winning. A few weeks after a shameless selfie-taker tried to job-shame the actor for working at Trader Joe’s, the man who once played Huxtable son-in-law on The Cosby Show in the 1980s has since gotten-and accepted–several TV offers, including from Tyler Perry and most recently, he was given a guest-starring role on NCIS: New Orleans.

But he still hasn’t gotten that promised $25K from rapper Nicki Minaj, according to TMZ:

Last week on her Queen Radio show, Minaj said she was sending Geoffrey Owens — the ‘Cosby Show’ star who took a gig at Trader Joe’s and was shamed for it–$25,000 to help him out. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell us Minaj and her team have yet to even contact Geoffrey or his people, much less hand over the cash.

But TMZ went on to note that Owens was never looking for a handout and would probably donate the money to charity—IF Minaj ever actually handed it over, that is.

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