How Is Bill Cosby Gonna Do His Time?

Once the world’s highest-paid actor, Bill Cosby is now a disgraced convicted sexual predator who is on his way up the road. But fans are wondering: how will Bill Cosby do his time?

Its likely Cosby will be sent to general population but that’s where things get uncertain: Cosby could be required to do run of the mill prison jobs for a few cents an hour, and he’ll likely be housed with other gentlemen who didn’t earn Emmys on NBC.

At 81, its unclear what sort of labor Cosby would be expected to do, especially since he says he’s essentially blind. 

Its also unclear what other medical ailments he’s suffering from. Some fans fear the elderly Cosby may not survive the horror of penal incarceration.

Cosby will also be required to register as a sex offender once he’s released from prison, as soon as 3 years from now, or as long as 10 years from now, depending on when the State of Pennsylvania grants him parole.

Its unclear if wife Camille will be doing the prison wife thing: she declined to appear with him at his sentencing, where he ended up being led away immediately after receiving the 3-10 year bid.

Cosby’s lawyers are expected to appeal.

That Bill Cosby has gone from the big screen to the big house is a tragic situation. And an irony: back in 2004, Cosby made international headlines and was lauded by Republicans for calling out young Black men for not keeping their pants up. He also said at the time that Black parents were to blame when their kids were “standing there in an orange suit”. He probably didn’t think he’d be wearing his own orange suit at the time.

By the way, does this mean Bill Cosby’s mom is to blame for him being a perv then? 

Side note: Who knew then that Mr. Chocolate Pudding Pop constantly had his own pants down?

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