Robbed, Pistol Whipped–AND Arrested Too: Cops Say Couple Traveled Cross-State To Allegedly Make A Drug Sale, End Up Robbed and Locked Up

A Daytona Beach couple traveled to Gainesville on Sunday to allegedly conduct a drug deal, according to an email received from a Gainesville police officer and directed to The Gainesville Sun.

But what they ended up with was a whole lot more than what they may have anticipated: according to The Sun, 20 year old Quade Eubanks was pistol whipped, shot at, and robbed of his stash by two men who neither he nor his ride-or-die companion, 19 year old Billie A. Carter, would identify.

Even worse, the couple ended up in jail after cops found a handgun, about 10 grams of cannabis, several vials of cannabis oil and 15 grams of Xanax in Eubanks’ car, according to The Sun.

The irony: Both were booked into the Alachua County Jail while the people who robbed them and beat Eubanks with a gun are probably in chill mode–along with some extra cash and alleged drugs.

Both Carter and Eubanks have since bailed out and have pending court dates.

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