Lil Yachty Points To Critic’s Employment Status After His Music Was Called ‘Trash”

Rapper Lil Yachty is an artist, and he’s sensitive about his sh#t. That’s why, after his performance on ESPN Monday Night Football, the ATL-born and bred MC clapped back after a former major league baseball player took to Twitter to call Yachty’s music–and by extension, his performance–“trash”.

The former ball player is pitcher Travis Blackley, who offered this scathing assessment of Yachty’s skill set:

“Absolute trash! How does this even pass for talent!” Blackley wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “Nothing about this so called music is real! What’s ur voice actually sound like without Autotune? It can’t be any worse that this.”

Yachty wasn’t happy about that once he got wind of it, so he took a poke at Blackley’s employment situation: He was on the Detroit Tigers roster last year but was reassigned to a minor league deal. He was released in April 2017.

“That’s why u a free agent b**ch,” the rapper tweeted on Tuesday.

Blackley isn’t the first person to utter such things about Yachty and he very likely won’t be the last so Yachty needs to start growing a thicker skin, IJS.

Here’s video of that MNF performance:

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