Rae Carruth Leaves Prison After Nearly 20 Years: Former NFL Star Was Convicted In Ex-Girlfriend’s Murder

Former NFL star Rae Carruth walked out of confinement a free man this morning.

A waiting SUV rushed the athlete away from waiting news crews from several media outlets who were posted up nearby.

Carruth reportedly left prison with a copy of his release papers, his Social Security card, birth certificate, community resources information and a pharmacy discount card.

Carruth was convicted for what prosecutors said was the orchestrated 1999 murder-for-hire of Cherica Adams, 24, who was pregnant with Carruth’s child. Adams was shot and died after implicating Carruth in the crime.

The child, Chancellor Adams, survived but was left permanently brain damaged and also has cerebral palsy.

Chancellor has been cared for by his grandmother, Cherica’s mother, who has said she is willing to allow Carruth to establish a relationship with chancellor but indicated she would not expect Carruth to seek custody of his son.

Carruth, 44, reportedly passed North Carolina’s exam to become a licensed barber.

Its unclear if he plans to stay in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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