Rae Carruth Set To Be Released From Prison On Oct. 22: Former NFL Star Could Reunite With Son Who Almost Died In Alleged Murder-For-Hire

Former Carolina Panthers star Rae Carruth will be released from a North Carolina prison on October 22. The former football standout served nearly two decades behind bars in connection with the murder of his son’s mother, Cherica Adams, 24, back in 1999.

Adams was eight months pregnant with Carruth’s child at the time of the shooting. 

The unborn child, Chancellor Lee Adams, survived but suffered permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy.

Adams died shortly after the ordeal, but, prior to her death, implicated Carruth in her shooting.

Cops pursued Carruth, who briefly went on the run but was apprehended while hiding in the trunk of a car outside a Tennessee motel.

Carruth himself was convicted on several charges, including conspiracy to commit murder. He was implicated in the murder by co-defendants who claimed Carruth wanted Adams dead because he didn’t want to pay child support.

Chancellor’s grandmother and Cherica’s mom, Saundra Adams, has cared for Chancellor since birth. She has said she is open to Carruth reuniting with the son he’s never met and, according to details of the case, almost killed.

Saundra Adams said she doesn’t expect Carruth, now 44, will ever get custody of Chancellor, who requires care-taking.

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