Brenda Snipes Steps Down As Broward Elections Chief: Snipes’ Rocky Tenure Ends After Criticism From Republicans AND Democrats

Longtime Broward county Supervisor of Elections Brenada Snipes has stepped down from her post following the 2018 midterm elections. Snipes initially said she would not step down after a tumultuous two weeks that saw her being accused of voter fraud by Republican candidates, and careless oversight by some Democrats.

Saying that racism was “probably” a factor in the intense backlash she received after voting totals were not reportedly calculated properly well beyond election night, Snipes is moving on. Either Republican Governor Rick Scott or his GOP successor, incoming Governor-elect Ron Desantis, were expected to suspend Snipes anyway, and Attorney General Pam Bondi insinuated that Snipes could be prosecuted over her alleged mishandling of ballots.

Snipes always found a way to end up in some mess. She replaced her predecessor in 2003 after she herself was removed by former Governor Jeb Bush who said the office under had lost the confidence of voters under Miriam Oliphant.

Ironically, Jeb Bush was criticized 4 years earlier for removing voters from the voting rolls in the run-up to the 2000 election, when he was brother George W., was a candidate for president.

Snipes had the distinction of pissing off both Republicans and Democrats; Democrats contend Snipes oversaw a flawed ballot design that placed a marquee race, the battle between Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson and Rick Scott, in an area on the ballot near the bottom, leading to around 25,000 undervotes in Broward because man voters were unlikely to see the race tucked so obscurely onto the ballot.

Nelson conceded the race to Scott, who won by about 10,000 votes.

Its unclear who will replace Snipes, and whether Republicans will still pursue a criminal investigation against her.

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