Corrections Officer Had That Work, But Ended Up Jailed After Allegedly Smuggling Suspected Percocet, Weed and Tobacco Into Jail: “I Was Wrong”

An Atlanta corrections officer allegedly had that work, and soon found his own azz sitting up in lockup after he was busted for smuggling a trove of get-high goodies into the Fulton County Jail yesterday.

Officer Adonis Lovejoy is accused of smuggling five suspected Percocet pills, five suspected Xanax pills, marijuana, lighters and tobacco into the jail early Sunday morning.

Lovejoy has worked at the jail since May.

Jail facilities across the country are often filled with items correctional administrators have deemed contraband, including hard drugs and cell phones.

While some facilities have blamed the presence of hordes of contraband on loved ones visiting inmates, and as a result have in many cases made it more difficult for them to visit, many folks say its often the corrections staff themselves who are doing the smuggling–for a profit.

Lovejoy was caught on camera kicking a brown bag into an inmate’s cell. Jail officials immediately did a cell shakedown and discovered the drugs.

They then went into the parking lot and searched Lovejoy’s car, uncovering crystal meth in the backseat, along with a digital scale.

Lovejoy was booked and released on a $12,000 signature bond. His charges include Bribery, Violation Of Oath By Public Officer, and Possession of Methamphetamine With Intent to Distribute, among others.

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