Federal Judge Rules Georgia Must Review Provisional Ballots From Governor’s Race

A federal judge in Georgia has hit reverse for now on Republican Brian Kemp’s “win” in the state’s closely contested race for governor, blocking the Secretary of State from certifying the election until Friday.

Judge Amy Totenberg’s 56-page also order directs state and local officials to conduct a review of many of the provisional ballots cast in the election.

The order covers the entire state of Georgia.

Kemp is the Republican nominee for governor, AND also serves as the Secretary Of State.

Georgia’s election saw a number of complications and irregularities, including a number of ballots that were rejected because of a controversial Georgia policy that requires signatures on a ballot to match a voter’s signature on their voter ID card; Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams  has said the policy, enacted by Kemp in his official role as SOS, amounts to voter suppression.

Aside from Kemp’s apparent conflict of interest, there are also lingering questions concerning Georgia’s outdated voting machines, which some experts have said are vulnerable to hacking.

Abrams is hoping a re-tallying of all the votes provides a clear path to a runoff election next month.

If Abrams is in fact able to garner enough votes to force a runoff, her campaign has said it will sue to force Kemp to recuse himself from overseeing the contest.

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