Flashback Fridays…The Fugees: Ready Or Not

Here’s a flashback to 1996 and the chart-topping group The Fugees, whose sophomore album, The Score, would end up going 6x platinum–only a year after it was released.

The Fugees trio–consisting of rapper/singer Lauryn Hill; Wyclef Jean; and Pras Michel.

Despite massive commercial success, the group split up right after the went platinum with each embarking on successful solo careers.

The group has been rumored to be planning a reunion, but Pras shot down that talk in a September interview with The Source, saying being a member of the group was like being on a sinking ship:

Flashback Fridays…The Fugees: Ready Or Not

“I knew I was on the Titanic when I was with the Fugees”, Pras said.

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