Lucy McBath, Mother Of Slain Florida Teenager Jordan Davis, Leads Republican In Potential Upset In Georgia Congressional Race

Democratic candidate Lucy McBath is poised to win a historic upset in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District. As of Wednesday afternoon, McBath leads Republican incumbent Karen Handel by nearly 3,000 votes in her bid to become the rapidly-changing area’s next Congresswoman.

McBath, who is the mother of slain teenager Jordan Davis, ran as an unapologetic advocate for responsible gun regulation and female reproductive rights. She found a willing audience in a district that was once so conservative that it sent former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to Congress.

These days, however, new and more ethnically diverse and progressive residents have moved in, making the area a politically competitive district.

 Last year, Handel defeated Jon Ossoff in a race that broke fundraising records. 

This time around, Handel might not be able to pull another rabbit out of her hat, as 100% of precincts have reported.

Its a stunning turnaround since Handel came into the race an early and heavy favorite.The 6th district was long a bastion of right-wing, hardcore conservatism: the district seat once belonged to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

But minorities have moved into district at a fast clip, and they appear to have voted overwhelmingly for McBath.

Jordan Davis was murdered outside a Jacksonville GATE convenience store in 2012 after a White customer became enraged because he believed the car Jordan was a passenger in was playing its music too loudly.

After his first trial resulted in a hung jury, Michael David Dunn was cnvicted of first degree murder.

The race now goes into a recount due to the very small margin but rarely do recounts generate more than a dozen or so additional votes.

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