Man Steals–Then Cashes–$175,000 Check He Allegedly Stole From Somebody’s Mailbox

Atlanta police are looking for a unidentified man who is accused of stealing a $175,000 check from a mailbox.

After allegedly swiping the check from the victim’s mailbox, the suspect then reportedly opened an online bank account and proceeded to make multiple withdrawals until he eventually took ALL of the money. 

The check reportedly was in the mailbox of a financial industry exec, who was alerted by his bank of a fraudulent transaction back in July but evidently, it was a little bit too late.

So this unknown is likely having an early and very Merry Christmas. At least, until the cops catch up to him.

Police told Fox 5 that people should take these precautions when it comes to expecting important mail:

  • install a mailbox with a lock
  • ask a neighbor to pick up your mail
  • use a P.O. box 
  • use package tracking and require a signature upon delivery
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