Mary J. Blige Says Friend Kim Porter Tried To Warn Her About Doomed-To-Fail Marriage

Kim Porter was laid to rest Saturday in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia. Attending the service were a number of family, friends, and celebrity pals of the popular Porter, who was mother to three of Diddy’s children.

Among the mourners: singer Mary J. Blige, who said Porter “protected” her, and tried to dissuade her from marrying accused gold-digger Martin “Kendu” Isaacs, who Blige married anyway but split with after a nasty divorce ended in Blige being forced by courts to kick out a hefty amount in spousal support.

The “No More Drama” singer said, “Kim was always a protector, adding, “She protected me.” Blige told a story about meeting up with Diddy and Porter on a yacht before her 2004 wedding to Martin “Kendu” Isaacs, and how Porter was “Questioning me about my marriage.”

The singer says Porter asked if she was ready to walk down the aisle, and Blige admits “I think about those questions now.” Blige was involved in a very public, bitter divorce with Isaacs that sent her into financial ruin and only just wrapped up earlier this year.–The Blast

Blige broke down over her friend’s passing, and remarked, “I just saw you two weeks ago. I was just dancing with you.” 

Kim Porter would have turned 47 next month.

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