Matt Lauer “Not Doing Well” One Year After Infamous NBC Firing

Former ‘Today’ host Matt Lauer is “not doing well” a year after he was unceremoniously dumped from his longtime TV desk at NBC as a result of accusations of alleged sexual misconduct on the job.

“It has been hard for him. He went from being a super busy person to having nothing but time on his hands,” a source close to Lauer told People Magazine. “He is not doing well.”

And on top of him being so publicly and notoriously accused of being a perv, Lauer’s wife, Annette Roque, is poised to cash out in a pending divorce settlement. The two, according to People, have almost no communication outside of their kids together–even though Lauer lives in a guest house on the family’s expansive estate in The Hamptons.

Lauer is expected to move out when the final divorce papers get signed.

“The divorce is still not final but Annette will get a lot of money. He took a financial hit with all this,” the source says. “Annette’s going to get a lot of money. Everybody’s pretty sure he’s going to have to give her the horse farm. That’s her love.”–People

Roque could get $20 million–a cool mil for each year the couple shared in marriage.

Lauer was one of many male casualties of the #MeToo movement, which pressed for the ouster and sometimes criminal prosecution of powerful men, such as  Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, who allegedly forced sexual advances on women.

The couple share three children: Jack, 17, Romy, 14, and Thijs, 11. Lauer’s downfall and the family’s divorce saga has understandably riled the kids–and their relationshop with their dad, which People says Lauer is now focused on, since he no longer has a career.

“He’s trying to get by putting all his energy into his kids,” the source said. “He is working on his relationship with his kids. They have a good relationship, but they’ve been through a lot.”

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