Tekashi69 Jailed On Federal RICO Charges

Rapper Tekashi69 was riding near the top of the rap game but now he’s facing serious federal charges that could put him behind bars for decades.

According to TMZ, the ATF, NYPD and Homeland Security all worked together to build a case on Tekashi69, and he was jailed in NYC Sunday night.

The rapper recently fired his manager, Shottie, last week. In a stroke of bad luck for Shottie, not only did he lose his job, but he reportedly was hauled in as a co-defendant in the case as well.

69 just recently got a controversial slap on the wrist by obtaining probation in a New York child sex case.

Probation may not be an option this time around: his indictment includes weapons and racketeering charges.

69 recently told The Breakfast Club that he only fears two things in this life…God and the FBI.

Hopefully for him he keeps some prayer warriors on standby.

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