Tekashi69 Was Warned He Was Facing Danger By Feds Who Later Jailed Him

Before he was arrested and hit with racketeering and firearms charges, NYC rapper Tekashi69 was warned by federal agents that he was in danger for his life–allegedly due to his ex-manager and members of his own gang, who 69 claimed had turned on him during a Breakfast Club interview last week.

The agents then asked 69 if he wanted protective custody; he said no.

A couple days later, federal agents arrested him.

Tekashi69’s attorney offered every cent in the rap superstar’s bank account–$1.1 million–as collateral if bail was granted; the judge declined.

Tekashi is now sitting in jail awaiting trial on federal charges that could send him away for decades.

Meanwhile, he’s not getting the Club Fed treatment: TMZ reports that 69 is being housed in general population with a number of other hood-certified goons who may or may not be fans.

In requesting he be denied bail, prosecutors laid out photos that they claim shows Tekashi participating in several violent incidents, including one in which a man was shot in the foot.

Hos attorneys are expected to appeal the no bail restriction.

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