WHOOP, THERE IT WAS: Woman Blames Bank After $8,754 Deposit Vanishes In Drive-Thru

A Georgia woman is waiting on Wells Fargo Bank to cut a check after she says a teller inadvertently sent her deposit back through a drive thru tunnel without telling her.

But the person in the car behind her wasn’t the Good Samaritan type; they drove off, reportedly with Roslyn Baitney’s $8,754 with them.

Ms. Baitney said she was told to come inside and then was horrified when she realized her money was MIA.

“I tapped on the window and said, ‘Hey, where’s my money?’” Baitney said.

“And then the teller said, ‘I wondered why the car behind you never did a transaction. They just pulled off.’ ‘Yeah, because you gave them my money,’” Baitney said.

Also in the bank tube that is now missing: Ms. Baitney’s driver license and other personal info.

WSB-TV reported that an official with Wells Fargo promised Ms. Baitney that she would get every penny of her money returned to her by the end of today.

A police investigation into the bizarre occurrence is underway.

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