With Ratings Sliding, Will “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Bring Back Past Ladies To Reinvigorate Show?

Today, model turned actress turned reality star Eva Marcille Pigford appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and at one point, Williams flat out said the show–and Pigord’s storyline–are “boring”.

Pigford looked momentarily stunned by Wendy’s honesty, then promised that more drama could be in the works. Let’s hope so, because thus far, Season 11 of the long-running Bravo reality show will put your azz to bed.

And fans agree: the show appears to be in a ratings free-fall, with the opening episode of the current season pulling in just 1.93 million viewers–the lowest total since season 5 debuted.

The second episode of season 11 dipped even further, to 1.82 million viewers.

At this rate, the only people who will be tuning in to watch the ladies squabble over gossip and eat lunch will be Mama Joyce, the rest of the Old Lady Gang, and maybe Andy Cohen.

Some fans say the show has fallen off since Kenya Moore was given the boot prior to season 11’s debut; others say the show was wobbling long before that. Whatever the case, many fans are urging the show to reach back into its past and re-recruit a troublemaker such as attorney Phaedra Parks to bring some animosity back to the set: Parks was ceremoniously dumped after she spread a rumor that Kandi Burruss and her husband allegedly planned to drug and presumably have their way with Porsha Williams.

Will RHOA producers bring back Moore, Parks, or someone else from the past to resuscitate the show?

By the way, reaching back to the past hasn’t always worked for RHOA; Ne Ne Leakes was brought back to ‘rescue’ the show last season, but ratings are now collapsing anyway.

The show has earned a large fan base over the years but producers and castmates are now staring at the real possibility that the franchise could be running out of rabbits to pull out of its hat.

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