At Least He’s Got New Teeth: Juelz Santana Headed To The Fed Joint–Dipset Rapper To Serve 27 Months Over Airport Gun Charge

Dipset AKA Diplomats rapper Juelz Santana is headed to the Big House. The Harlem-born rapper took a plea deal from the feds that will see him spend 27 months behind bars as a result of him pleading guilty to bringing a loaded .38 caliber gun (and a few Oxycodone pills) inside a travel bag and into Newark International Airport back in March. 

Santana, birth name LaRon Louis James, confessed to unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. 

On a recent episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ Santana said he expected to be sentenced to 27 to 37 months on the charges.

Santana initially ran, and got away, from authorities at the airport once the pistol was discovered. He later turned himself in.

Perhaps somewhat more comfortingly, Juelz will at least go to the pokey with a new set of teefus: after the rapper appeared in a video showing him missing several of his front teeth, he later reappeared after evidently treating himself to a new grille. The new fronts improved Santana’s smile, and stifled the immense amount of ridicule he experienced from nasty Twitter users, some of whom dubbed him “Chewelz” after this photo surfaced:

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