Fans Wait To See If (More Likely When) Cardi B Takes Offset Back

Over the weekend, Migos frontman Offset interrupted wifey Cardi B’s set to plead with her to take him back after he repeatedly cheated on and ultimately (and allegedly) knocked up an Instagram model.

The spectacle started a huge social media debate over relationships, workplace drama, Offset’s mental health status, and whether or not its cool to talk reconciliation after extramarital chirrens get involved.

AT present its unclear if Cardi, who recorded an Instagram message asking fans to essentially stay out of their highly publicized personal business (even though she’s spent the entire relationship publicizing various details of it) will take back her philandering hubby.

But what’s clear is that the whole thing has fans caught up in the couple’s marriage drama, although some have said the whole on-stage spectacle was a publicity stunt.

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