T.I. Ordered To Pay $300 Fine Over Argument With Security Guard That Turned Into An Arrest

Rap mogul T.I. got a $300 fine over a May arrest in which he was caught on a 911 recording verbally thrashing a security guard who was on duty at the gate to wife Tiny’s gated community. The rapper plead no contest.

T.I. originally faced charges of assault, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct after T.I. berated the guard for preventing the Grammy winning rapper, who sounded intoxicated, from entering the premises. 

T.I. admitted to having a few cocktails that night.

Fans on social media accused Henry county cops of racism for jailing T.I. and his friend when they arrived on scene.

T.I. warned the security guard that he’d speak to the guard’s superiors over the incident.

The guard was later fired.

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