Alleged Sex Cult Guru R. Kelly Won’t Have To Shut Down Chicago Studio Right Now–But Still Faces Eviction

Singer and alleged cult leader R. Kelly got at least one piece of good news after a prolonged period of brutally negative press: he won’t have to vacate the Chicago recording studio that some have suggested is a front for a sex cult led by Kelly over his alleged misuse of the premises as a residence.

City inspectors came down on Kelly after getting word in the now-infamous Lifetime series called “Surviving R. Kelly” that the studio had goings-on that did not fit the definition of music recording, for which reportedly Kelly was issued a business license for. Inspectors cited Kelly for allegedly using the space as a residential property and not obtaining permits to build a sauna, steam room, and bar.

Kelly also reportedly installed a fully stocked bathroom in the building sans permits.

In one photo, a fully decorated Christmas tree is seen, which inspectors claimed was proof that Kelly was calling the studio home.

Kelly has denied the studio doubles as a crib.

City officials sought to shutter the studio but Kelly’s attorney argued the violations did not create an emergency situation so Kelly was instead ordered to perform repairs to bring the space up to code.

But Kelly, 52, might still need to book a U-Haul soon: he reportedly owes the building’s owner around $100,000 in back rent. According to Cook county records, a Chicago judge earlier this month ordered Kelly to pack up and move out before staying that order.

After many years of gossip and rumor, Kelly’s relationships with women–and, allegedly, young girls–has created a firestorm: not only has a successful effort been organized to keep Kelly from making money off live shows, he also faces potential prosecution in Fulton county Georgia where he maintains a residence some have claimed has housed a sex cult.

Kelly has not been formally charged with a crime.

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