Erykah Badu Says That She Was Not Referring To Jussie Smollett Case When She Urged Followers To “Wait For The Facts”; Some on Twitter Still Come For Her

Hip Hop’s favorite root lady Erykah Badu, who some have called rap’s Miss Cleo, is trending once again. Days after some social media users came for Badu after she said she’d be “praying for” besieged and discredited former chart-topper R. Kelly over his alleged dalliances with young girls, Badu urged her millions of followers on Black Twitter to use restraint before jumping to conclusions–which many took to be a reference to the recent alleged violent attack suffered by Empire star Jussie Smollett.

Smollett was assaulted and doused with bleach by two unidentified men in what the media has dubbed a racist and homophobic hate crime in Chicago.

This is the tweet Badu sent out that got her trending:

“Are y’all sure you know the facts before we [tear] sh*t up? Cause just last week ..every headline written about me was all out of context and manipulated to trigger YOUR outrage,” Badu tweeted.

Badu tried to clarify that her tweet wasn’t about Smollet”s case, but the Grammy-winning singer and cultural icon made the tweet after news of Smollett’s attack had already gone public. Nevertheless, Badu claimed the tweet wasn’t about Smollett but was rather intended to be “across the board”.


Some of Badu’s fans accused the singer of minimizing a homophobic assault on another celebrity. Badu, who once ran naked through the streets of her hometown of Dallas, scaring folks everywhere in sight, while shooting a video, has at times been accused of insensitivity to the LGBTQ cause.

Badu dismissed the criticism over her tweet.

In a separate tweet, Badu sent “love” to Smollett, who is recovering from is assault after being treated at an area hospital. The attack has garnered international headlines.

Smollett’s alleged attackers are still on the loose and have not been ID’d.

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