Georgia Sheriff Has Woman Arrested After She Sent Him Emails With Selfies, and Links To R&B Love Songs

Clayton county, Georgia Sheriff Victor Hill is better known for his infamously tough posture on crime instead of romance.

So when an Ellenwood, Georgia woman sent Hill multiple emails that included links to classic R&B love songs such as “Fire And Desire” by Rick James and Teena Marie, and “If You Think You’re Lonely Now” by Bobby Womack, Hill wasn’t impressed: In fact, the song he could have sent her was Mary J. Blige’s 2000 hit, “Someone Please Call 911”, because Hill had her arrested.

Tonekia Brown was charged with harassing phone calls and locked up on $2,000 bail. According to news reports, Brown sent Hill several love songs in addition to selfies, a link to a video featuring her twerking and made remarks about love in the emails, which the sheriff told local media his office had warned Brown to stop sending.

Family members told local media that Brown had been acting strangely lately.

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