Soulja Boy: “Don’t Act Like I Didn’t Make Drake”

Does Canadian rapper Drake owe his globetrotting rap career to Atlanta native Soulja Boy? That’s what Soulja–who also now goes by the name Young Drako–suggested in a Breakfast Club interview that quickly broke the Black Internet.

Soulja said Drake ripped off his song and his flow before catapulting to worldwide fame.

“Stop playing with me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he knows,” Soulja said. “Y’all ain’t heard Drake on his first song ‘Miss Me?’”, Soulja said then quickly rapped a hook from the song, which is featured on Drake’s 2010 debut You Can Thank Me Later.

Charlamagne seemed convinced. And so did more than a few Twitter users.

Drake’s credibility has long been questioned in some Hip Hop circles. Drake rose to prominence as a protege of superstar rapper Lil Wayne and seemingly overnight transformed from a nerdy kid who played “Wheelchair Jimmy” on Canadian television to a thugged out rap phenom.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy’s Breakfast Club interview, in which he also had a few things to say about Kanye West and others, garnered over 3 million hits on YouTube, earning the segment the distinction of being one of the most watched videos in the nationally syndicated radio show’s history.

It also became a top trending topic on social media.

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