Florida-Based Playwright Barry S. McLeod Poised To Give Tyler Perry A Run For His Money

While celebrated playwright and producer Tyler Perry is set to lay long-running Madea to rest, a Florida playwright is ready to take audiences everywhere by storm.

Gainesville resident Barry S. McLeod, who is also a noted author,
writer, director, producer, composer and more–the man is a multi-hustler!–is making lots of noise, particularly on the strength of his plays and web series, which are drawing widespread praise–and attention.

Watch out, TP.

McLeod’s abiding, deep faith features prominently in his acclaimed work, which is available to check out online.

Get to know more about this soon to be household name by watching his recent interview with the NAACP.

Here’s how to reach Barry:

For interviews, book signings and speaking engagements visit: The BSM Network at www.barrysmcleod.com or call 352 371-2700.


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