Government Shutdown Part 2 May Be On The Way; IRS Refund Checks Shrink After Republican-Sponsored Tax Law Takes Effect

Americans and federal workers everywhere are bracing for what could be Round 2 of the disastrous government shutdown prompted by President Donald Trump over border wall spending.

On Monday, White House and Congressional leaders undertook a meeting that was designed to find a solution that averts a shutdown; the last government shutdown broke records and ended in January after lasting more than a month.

Its unclear if the Trump White House ad Democrats will be able to reach an agreement that will avoid another crippling shutdown.

Trump has insisted on funding for his border wall, which Democrats say is not needed and would become an enormous waste of taxpayer money.

Trump’s political allies in Congress have warned the White House that another shutdown could upset many voters, who are already disgusted after their IRS refund checks came with an unpleasant surprise: less dough.

Speaking of, outraged taxpayers–many of whom were duped into believing the Republican tax overhaul would somehow benefit lower-to-middle class Americans–have been appalled to discover income tax refunds arriving in their bank accounts that are much smaller than what they got in years past.

In fact, some taxpayers who got a refund last year have found they now owe money to the IRS–all thanks to the Trump and Republican tax overhaul.

According to estimates, 2 out of 3 Americans will see a smaller refund; the other 1/3 could end up owing money or not noticing any difference at all.

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