Story Unravels, ‘Attackers’ Flip, Case Headed To Grand Jury And Now Fans and Observers Ask Jussie Smollett: WHY?

It wasn’t like there wasn’t plenty of reason to be suspicious of Empire superstar Jussie Smollett’s version of a supposed late-night homophobic attack launched against him by two MAGA-cap wearing White dudes in a Chicago hood armed with rope and bleach.

But, in the era of Trump, many folks opted to believe Smollett may have endured such violent calamity in the midst of such a seemingly unlikely set of circumstances.

And after the chorus of doubting voices grew, Smollett took to Good Morning America and tearfully (and angrily) slammed his detractors for having the gall to doubt his honesty.

Not even a week later, things have fallen apart: the two “attackers”–brother from Nigeria who appeared on Empire–have been ID’d, arrested, let go, and have reportedly flipped on Smollett, who they reportedly blamed for orchestrating the whole big ole mess.

That mess is now going to a Chicago grand jury where felony charges could originate.

And now Smollett, who rose to fame playing the role of Jamal Lyon, the openly gay scion of the Lyon musical family on Empire, is now facing questions over why he would allegedly concoct such a cockamamie story–especially when he had so much to lose?

Time will tell. According to updated reports, Chicago police have requested a follow-up interview with Smollett.

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