Fight Club At IHOP: Bizarre Video Shows Man Argue and Brawl With Customers, Employees at west Jax Restaurant

A video that is going viral appears to show some serious carrying on at a west Jacksonville IHOP. In the footage, a man who was possibly intoxicated and was reportedly a customer, is seen arguing with a restaurant employee who informs the customer he won’t be serving him. Why the employee opted not to offer service is unclear; what occurred next isn’t.

Whatever the customer said prompted an unidentified female to swing on the customer. He didn’t swing back at the woman. But after he allegedly spit on a different patron, the original customer is seen being hit and knocked to the ground.

Moments later, that same customer is seen beating the stuffing out of that same patron on the floor.

Meanwhile, camera phones were rolling and folks were hooting and hollering.

But no cops are seen. And neither the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office nor IHOP knows if anyone was taken to jail over the odd festivities.

In fact, nobody is sure 911 was even called even though phones were being used to record the action.

Reportedly, police and the IHOP corporation are investigating.

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