Jemele Hill’s ‘Wendy Williams’ Interview Interrupted; Meanwhile, Wendy’s Not Discussing One Particular ‘Hot Topic’–Hubby’s Alleged Love Child

Our favorite TV auntie, Wendy Williams, hosted sports anchor Jemele Hill–who in 2017 called President Donald Trump a white supremacist–on her show this morning. Hill, an ESPN analyst, was ultimately suspended for two weeks over the comments, even though Trump called for her to be fired.

But Hill drew widespread support from many ESPN viewers.

That controversy may explain why, during her interview with Wendy, a commercial was shoved into the middle of the session with no explanation. Viewers caught the shade.

Meanwhile, last week Wendy shocked viewers when she tearfully admitted she was living in a NYC “sober house” to help her get over her long-running dependency issues which allegedly have resurfaced again. Wendy was credited for being upfront about such a deeply personal issue–but some pointed out that she had been claiming she was struggling with health issues related to her Graves disease diagnosis, not drug addiction.

According to the Daily Mail, Wendy took the step as a preemptive measure since the international news outlet was about to put her and her hubby’s business on blast: according to The Mail, Wendy’s husband, Kevin Hunter, has allegedly fathered a love child with longtime mistress Sharina Hudson.

The baby girl was born in a Philly hospital recently–and expenses were totally covered, allegedly, by Kevin–presumably with Wendy Cash.

With all that drama, its no wonder Wendy is allegedly struggling with drugs!

The mystery, though, is how come Wendy has yet to discuss what for many is the hottest celebrity hot topic on the streets right now–her marriage, her philandering husband, and the birth of his concubine’s bundle of joy.

Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God made matters more intriguing when he told Page Six recently that his years-long estrangement from Wendy and Kevin is the result of him introducing the Hunters to Sharina.

Wendy’s fans want the popular host to leave Kevin. But in a recent segment in which she briefly addressed what appears to be a VERY non-ideal marital situation, Wendy said she ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Meanwhile, Wendy spent considerable time on a hot topic that interested no one this morning: Justin Bieber sleeping in an oxygen tent. We’d much rather have Wendy tell us instead how she’s gonna handle Kev and their new extended family.

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