R. Kelly Being Held In Jail “Psych Ward”; Superstar Is Getting Money and ‘Dozens’ Of Visit Requests While Locked Down

Not everybody is on the Stop R. Kelly bandwagon. According to The Chicago Sun-Times, the one-time legendary but now disgraced R&B super-crooner is getting all kinds of love–the monetary kind–while he sits behind bars in Cook county’s jail on child support charges.

66 people had already requested to visit R. Kelly at Cook County Jail, where he is being housed in isolation at the Cermak Hospital wing for the second time in less than a week.

“More than 200 people requested to visit Kelly during his last three-day stint in jail when he was charged with sexual abuse,” a jail source said.

According to the Sun-Times, within hours of Kelly being booked, a dozen anonymous fans put amounts ranging from $5 to $150 on his commissary books, for a total of $500. That money could allow Kelly to buy comfort food, such as honey buns and instant soups, while he faces the possibility of indictment in other states and pending felony charges in Chicago.

But Kelly is being held in the facility’s psychiatric unit, a source told the Sun-Times, and perishable food is prohibited there.

Just prior to being locked up on the child support case, Kelly made a widely-panned appearance with CBS’ Gayle King in which Kelly seemed to have lost his cotton picking mind.

Its unclear if footage from that interview played a role in Kelly being housed in the jail’s psych ward, where he is currently awaiting arraignment on his support case. According to reports, Kelly is under 24-hour observation.

His attorney blamed the singer’s meltdown on stress.

“This guy is totally frustrated, and his temper explosion during his interview with Gayle King on CBS was because he is under tremendous pressure and faced with the possibility of spending life in prison”, attorney
Steve Greenberg said.

Kelly has denied reports that he maintains a harem of enslaved, brainwashed women, and has instead said the women in his consort are free to come and go as they please.

One Atlanta woman whose family told the media that she was being held against her will by Kelly contradicted that assertion, while Kelly claimed the woman’s family basically sold her to Kelly. The woman’s parents disputed that assertion in a local TV interview.

For years, Kelly has been dogged by accusations that he prefers sex with underage girls, but has never been criminally convicted in court.

This time around, however, it appears prosecutors aren’t playing games with Kelly.

Meanwhile, reports have revealed that federal investigators are now looking into allegations of sexual abuse allegedly perpetrated by Kelly, adding to a growing list of woes that threaten not just the once beloved singer’s career and finances, but could potentially land him in prison for decades as well.

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