YBN Almight Jay Appears To Suffer Serious, Possibly Permanent, Facial Injury In Aftermath of NYC Robbery, Beatdown

Video of a vicious beating and robbery launched against Birmingham rapper YBN Almighty Jay quickly went viral over the weekend. The rapper, whose previous claim to fame was as a short-term boy toy to Kardashian baby mama Blac Chyna, is seen on video first partaking in a multi-party street fight.

Later, however, YBN’s opponents caught him sans backup. And that’s when the beating and robbery commenced.

Kicked in the face, shoes taken, booty cheeks hanging out and relieved of his jewels, the footage shows YBN running for his life after the awful assault.

The shocking violence occurred, ironically, outside a pricey Saks store in Manhattan.

The attack was so severe that YBN had to be hospitalized. And a photo of him in the infirmary shows a gruesome facial injury that some have speculated is likely to leave a significant and permanent scar.

Its been a rough winter for YBN. Last month, YBN turned himself in on felony theft charges that came as a result of an incident at a video shoot in California. That case is still being investigated.

Musically, YBN, 19, is best known for two songs that went viral on social media, “Takin Off”, and “Chopsticks”.

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