Dallas Beating Of Transgender Woman Could Draw Federal Hate Crime Charges

The Dallas beating of a transgender woman could mean federal hate crime charges for at least one but likely more individuals seen in a now-viral video in which a transgender woman was viciously beaten near an apartment complex.

So far, only 29 year old Edward Thomas has been charged in the beating. He was jailed on a charge of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, and his bail has been set at $75,000.

But more charges could follow since Dallas police have now invited the feds to take a closer look at the case, meaning Thomas faces the possibility of being prosecuted on federal hate crimes charges which carry a stiff prison term if convicted.

That’s bad news for a man that news reports indicate has prior felonies that include burglary and domestic violence convictions.

Thomas was allegedly offered $200 to beat Muhlaysia Booker, who had just accidentally backed her car into an acquaintance of Thomas’.

According to reports, Booker became embroiled in an argument with members of an ensuing crowd shortly after the accident. What’s unclear is if the attack was prompted by the argument, by Booker’s gender identity–or both.

**Warning: The video below contains graphic images of violence**

Its also unclear if anyone called 911 immediately after the accident or the assault.

But after Thomas attacked Ms. Booker, others joined in, stomping her until several brave women put their bodies in between her and her attackers. Those women then loaded Ms. Booker’s limp body into a vehicle and transported her to an area hospital.

Those women are now being hailed as heroes who may have saved Ms. Booker’s life.

Ms. Booker was treated and is now recovering, and thanked well-wishers and supporters in a recent Facebook post.

Police have said more arrests could follow although at this time, Thomas appears to be the only suspect in custody.

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