Death Penalty For Stepmom Who Starved To Death 10 Year Old Girl, Then Burned Her Body

A Gwinnett county Georgia jury has decided that Tiffany Moss should face the death penalty for starving her 10 year old stepdaughter to death and then burning her body, according to court reports.

Tiffany Moss sat emotionless throughout her trial–in which she acted as her own attorney–and sentencing, which came a day after she was convicted of murder.

Little Emani Moss was starved to death and her body burned while Tiffany Moss and Eman Moss, the girl’s father, watched. Prosecutors say the couple treated Emani like “trash”.

A death sentence didn’t seem unlikely as the sickening details of Emani’s abuse at the hands of the two people who should have been caring for her became public via media reports and the ensuing trial.

Eman Moss is already serving a life sentence in connection with the ghastly crime. He testified against his wife during her trial.

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