Joe Biden Jumps In, Begins To Pull Away Early In Dem Nomination Race?

Former Vice President Joe Biden finally jumped into the 2020 race to be the next POTUS, and immediately caught the current Prez’s attention–and is starting to pull away from the pack of nearly two dozen other Democrats seeking to take on Donald Trump next year.

A new CNN poll revealed that Biden is drawing nearly four in 10 Democratic or Democratic-leaning voters — 39 percent–an 11 point jump for Biden since last month’s poll showed him at 28 percent.

His closest competitor is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is holding on to 15 percent in the new poll.

Biden isn’t the only candidate who made gains in the packed field that now includes 20 declared presidential hopefuls. South Bend (Ind.) Mayor Pete Buttigieg also saw a bump in his polling numbers, rising six points from last month to 11 percent. He rounds out the middle tier of candidates, which also includes Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) at 8 percent and followed by Beto O’Rourke at 6 percent and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) at 5 percent. Every other candidate included in the poll sat at 2 percent or less.–Politico

In poll after poll, Democratic voters said they prioritize electability–or a candidate being able to defeat Donald Trump–is a top priority that will inspire them to cast a ballot for any candidate in the Democratic field.

Polls have shown Biden to have the strongest chance to unseat Trump.

Prior to jumping into the race, Biden weathered a brutal press period in which several women accused him of getting too touchy-feely with them. Biden recorded a video apologizing for his actions, which he said were not meant to harm or impose.

A number of female supporters have also spoken in support of the former Veep.

While the first Democratic primary is nearly a year away, some political analysts believe Biden could win the nomination by not veering too far left while focusing not on his fellow Democrats but tailoring his campaign against Trump.

There has also been speculation regarding who Biden might choose as a running mate if he succeeds in the race: its widely expected that a person of color or a female–or both–will share the Democratic ticket. Names mentioned as possible running mates for Biden have included Senator Kamala Harris, who is also a candidate, and former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams.

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