Kevin Hunter’s Attorney Shoots Down Accusations Of Sexual Abuse Made By Male Singer

Its just turning into a big ole mess. And now that her estranged hubby is being accused of having at point both a female AND a male side piece, I’m not sure how much longer Ms. Wendy is gonna pretend as if the drama in her life isn’t the hottest hot topic of them ALL.

But Kevin Hunter, who Wendy Williams filed to divorce last week, has been accused by singer Aveon Falstar of sexual abuse. According to Falstar, who was accompanied by his hungry wife, he (Falstar) came into Hunter’s life after Hunter’s alleged mistress and now alleged baby mama, Sharina Hudson, allegedly encouraged Kevin to sign Falstar to a recording deal soon after Falstar was spotted in Wendy’s TV show audience.

But Falstar claims things went sexual, and that he became a “boy toy” for Hunter’s pleasure while living in Hunter’s New Jersey condo. According to Falstar, Hunter came into the crib 3:00 in the morning and allegedly dicked him down without his (Falstar’s) permission.

“It wasn’t a sexual relationship. It was much more of an abusement relationship,” Falstar said on the popular unWineWithTashaK podcast. “It was much more of a put me down and keep me as your boy toy relationship. We did [have sex] … He came over and practically raped me at 3 o’clock in the morning.”

Hunter himself has not addressed the growing scandal, but his attorneys are now speaking out, and are slamming the accusations made by Falstar.

Via Page Six:

“The claims levied by Mr. Aveon Williams against Mr. Kevin Hunter are baseless and are completely false,” Hunter’s legal rep said. “Mr. Williams’ actions are a part of an elaborate scheme to extort money from Mr. Hunter and is nothing more than an attempt to shake him down for financial gain.”

“This office did not offer to settle this matter for any amount nor did we counter their offer as, in accordance with our own independent investigation of these claims, we determined that Mr. Williams’ claims were without merit and we will not allow our client to be extorted by Mr. Williams,” the statement continued. “Mr. Hunter denies Mr. Williams’ claims in the entirety and it further saddens us that Mr. Williams is essentially making light of crimes involving sexual battery by levying these false claims, which a great disservice to those individuals who have actually been the victim of these types of heinous crimes.”

This accusation couldn’t come at a worse time for the Williams-Hunter family, as the couple of over 20 years get ready to legally split–and as rumors swirl that Hunter could soon be out of a high paying job at his soon-to-be ex-wife’s nationally televised TV show; according to TMZ, Hunter’s presence on the Wendy set is a source of stress for Wendy, and a spat last week between the two required security to step in.

There’s an interesting tidbit to the sex abuse allegations: Falstar is close friends with Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God, who at one time was Wendy’s sidekick on New York radio. Charlamagne has accused Kevin Hunter of trying to sabotage his career.

Its unclear whether that relationship has any relevance to the allegations made by Falstar.

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