Shamari DeVoe Let Go, While Kenya Moore Returns, To “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”?

Former Blaque singer Shamari DeVoe appears to have lost her peach, according to a “friend” of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta who has had her share of clashes with DeVoe, wife of New Edition singer Ronnie DeVoe.

Marlo Hampton appeared on Instagram Live looking somewhat cocktailed, and addressed Shamari, calling her “peachless” shortly after Sunday night’s final reunion episode of the show aired on Bravo.

“Shamari, come on now you’re peachless. You’re really still up here tweeting tonight? Peachless Shamari still tweeting. Hey girl. Stay a fan, just be a fan now. Be sweet. You’re peachless now. They’ll give you a peach and snatch it right back won’t they?”

Some fans have said the likeable and relatable Shamari was not a good fit for RHOA because her storyline seemed boring to many.

But fans received the DeVoe family with open arms. Both hubby and wife recorded hits with two groups that scored a number of R&B hits and fans were eager to get a closer look into the couple’s life.

During the season, however, Ronnie and Shamari brought family tea that had people side-eyeing the two; namely, an admission that they for a time had an open marriage.

That admission opened the door to other speculation and the early season discussion about the couple centered around speculation about Ronnie’s sexuality.

The direct benefactor of Shamari’s allegedly lost peach may be Kenya Moore, who was dropped from the show last season. Word has it she will return for the show’s 12th season, setting up a perfect foil for Ne Ne Leakes for next season.

What’s unclear is if/when Marlo will get a peach. She’s spent nearly a decade trying, having spent time as a sidekick to several castmates as a “friend” to the show. During this season, Hampton hitched her trailer to Ne Ne Leakes’ wagon. Again.

So far, no word on if Bravo will finally reward Marlo’s tiredlessness with the coveted peach that comes along with a coveted check.

In other RHOA news, rumors are swirling that at least one other castmate could lose her peach…and the name CYNTHIA BAILEY keeps poppin’ up. Time will tell.

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